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At Fowler & Fowler, REALTORS®, we pride ourselves on being a lot more than just a property management company who watches over the real estate that you’ve already sunk so much of your time and effort into. Instead, consider us more like a business partner. We’ll use our decades of experience in real estate for your benefit to guide you through every part of the process towards your goals. For example, we’ll help craft your marketing campaign to help attract the largest number of tenants. We’ll go through the tenant screening process so that we can weed out those who are unqualified and only present you with the highest quality candidates to review.We’ll also help you with the general maintenance of the property on an ongoing basis to help make sure that everything is operating as it should and that you’re seeing the highest possible return on investment. We’ll help go over your lease agreement to help make sure that you’re protected in the event of certain unforeseen circumstances that may arise. We’ll also help perform duties like making sure that the home is winterized, to help make sure nothing bad happens in the property during those cold winter months of the year.