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Problem Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor that is a constant source of trouble in your neighborhood?  Whether you live in a house or an apartment, each can have their unique sets of difficulties in dealing with problem neighbors.

If you live in an apartment and you have a noisy neighbor, try talking to them first.  Be the good neighbor!  A lot of times people don’t realize that their schedule doesn’t coincide with everyone else’s.  Be friendly when you approach them.  Perhaps if they realize that they are keeping you awake, they will tone it down a bit.

If that doesn’t work, call us.  We will contact the other resident.  We do not let them know who the complaint came from.  If the resident continues to be a problem, we may ask them to move.  But we can’t help fix problems that we don’t know about.  So please call us.

If you live in a house and a neighbor on your block is causing trouble, this can be a bit more problematic.  Always start with the neighborly approach first.  However, if you suspect drug activity, you should contact the police.  They will not release your name, but they will take your report.    If the home is becoming a nuisance – the grass is growing too high or the windows and doors are unsecured, call our office.  We will be happy to get in touch with our contacts at the City and report the issue for you.

In the end, getting to know your neighbors is the best way to head off trouble.  Be neighborly.  Help put together a block party.  If you want to help organize a neighborhood watch, contact the Police Department.  They will have resources to help you do that too.

Posted by: Fowler & Fowler, REALTORS on November 13, 2014